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If you do any kind of video marketing then you will likely be aware that Youtube recently stopped publicly showing video tags.  Video tags are used to create exposure to your videos and to help obtain search traffic from both Youtube and Google.  They basically help you to optimize your videos.

Up until recently these were published on each video page so you could see what tags publishers had used for their videos.  This made it extremely easy for people to see which tags were driving the most traffic to the top ranking videos.

Youtube cottoned on that some of its users were abusing the “power” of tags in order to drive more traffic and increase the rankings for their own videos.  So they decided to stop showing these on their site.

Tags are one of the most important elements of a Youtube video when it comes to ranking.  By not choosing the right tags your video is likely to be pushed to the bottom for your target keywords.

My FREE Desktop Software Will Extract Youtube Tags List From Any Videos

Today you can download my brand new Youtube tags list extracting software for FREE.  It’s a simple Windows application that will take ANY Youtube video URL and extract the hidden tags.  The exact tags that the publisher used for that video.  The latest version which is available now can also take your chosen “keyword” and will extract the tags from a number of the top ranked videos in one go.  All with a single click of your mouse!

Don’t guess when it comes to choosing your tags.  See what tags the top ranking videos are using and add some of those to your OWN.

Once you have extracted the formatted tags from your competitors video(s) paste some or all of them into your OWN video tags.

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