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How To Optimize Your Youtube Videos

Ok, you have probably landed on this blog due to the FREE Youtube tag extrator software that I offer.  However, although tags are important and can help your video to rank highly in both Youtube and Google, it isn’t the only thing you need to consider when publishing your videos.

Create A Relevant Title

The title is probably the MOST important element of your video page.  This is the number “textual” factor that users see when searching or browsing videos in Youtube or the search engines.

If you are targetting a specific keyword then it is vital that you include that keyword within your video title. Ideally at the beginning.  So, let’s say for example you are targeting the keyword “best internet marketing tricks”… you would include that keyword within your title.

Here are few examples of that title…

  • Best Internet Marketing Tricks
  • Best Internet Marketing Tricks To Earn Money Online
  • Best Internet Marketing Tricks To Build An Online Business

Make sure that your title is descriptive and strikes interest with your potential viewer.  More importantly it NEEDS to be targeted and highly relevant.  If you notice the above examples I gave you will notice that after my target keyword I added some kind of benefit.  Ie – “To Earn Money Online” or “To Build An Online Business”.  People look for benefits and solutions to a problem.  Make sure you emphasize this within your title if possible.

Optimizing Your Description

Your description is your best opportunity to tell Youtube exactly what your video is all about.  Be descritive and ensure that you include relevant keywords.  Don’t just write a couple of sentences.  Write at least two paragraphs to highlight the contents of your video.

If you are linking to an external URL then be sure to add this first at the top otherwise it will not be visible and would require your viewer to click the “Show more” link in order to see it.  You want to make it as easy as possible for your viewer to click your link.


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