Using Youtube Annotations To Drive Traffic

Annotations are contextual notices that you can add from within Youtube.  This allows you to communicate further information other than what is already within your video.

Create Call To Actions

These are particularly good if you want to create a “call to action”.  As in, get your viewer to click a link.

Providing you have included a link to an external site or page at the top of the description, you would then add an annotation to encourage your viewer to click that link.

Here is an example:

Download FREE Today – Click The Link In Description Below…

You would then add that annotation at the very start of the video, a minute or so into your video and also right at the end.  The idea is to wet their appetite with your video content and then get them to follow through by clicking on your link.

To add an annotation, when you “Edit” your video look towards the top above your video.  You will see that one of the options is “Annotations”.  That’s the link you want to click in order to add your own annotations to your video.

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