Youtube Related Videos

When you view any video on Youtube you will notice a selection of “related” videos on the right hand side.  These are present in order to improve user experience.  It makes it easy for a user to view a video and then quickly jump over to another “similar” video.

Getting your video on the right hand side of “other” video pages can drive tons of traffic to your OWN video.

So, How Do You Do This?

Ok, first of all you need to make a list of keywords that are themed around your video content.  Then you need to go through these keywords one at a time and enter them into the Youtube search field.  Take note of the view count for the videos on the front page along with the date in which they are published.  If these videos show a high number of daily views then these can potentially drive traffic to your own video.

There are usually 20 related videos on the right hand side of EVERY video.  That means that if you can get your own video listed within that section you will get approx. 5% of the traffic from that section… and believe me, it can be a LOT!

So, How Do You Appear On the Related Videos Section?

First of all take a note of the title and also the content within the description area.  Then use my FREE Youtube Tag Extractor to extract the video tags.

Secondly, you need to click on a few of the related videos (open in a new tab) and repeat that process with those videos.  Do you see any similarity?  Are there any words or tags that are commonly used in all the videos?  If so then add these to your OWN descript and tags.

Once these changes have been picked up and indexed your video has a chance of appearing in the “Related Videos” section which means potentially more traffic coming your way.

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